Friday, 23 September 2011

New Video Unboxing and Review of the 'Revlon 9426U Deluxe Illuminated Mirror'

As the name says, this video is of me unboxing and reviewing the 'Revlon Deluxe Illuminated Mirror'

This mirror is brilliant (well the mirror is) the lighting is a little rubbish but there's three settings (evening, office and daytime light) and in my opinion the evening is the best light, for everyday use this mirror is Brilliant even with the lighting, If you are using it for more professional use then I'd say the lighting is not good enough on its own, If you manage to work out other lighting then it will be perfect. My overall rating for this mirror is 4/5, My rating for the design (as stated in the video) is 5/5 as it has a chrome base and a gold tone mirror holder lol (in my vid if you did not understand it), the lighting, i have rated a 3/4 out of 5 because it is not bright enough and i prefer a strong daylight light for doing my makeup (if you look good in daylight, you look good in any light)
If you have any questions about this mirror, please comment below....

This is also MY review, nobody has sponsored me or paid me to do this review, this item was purchased by Me with my own money :)

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