Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Catrice Cosmetics competition

I would like to tell everyone about a competition i recently won, Nina Carry (facebook) did a contest because of her reaching 700 friends on her facebook and 100 followers on her blog,

The question she asked to win this contest was:
who were the first people to invent makeup?, she came to her decision by using a website that decides the winner randomly,
so yes, i won this and there was also a runner up

I came first place and she allowed me to choose some items from 'catrice cosmetics' which is not in the uk she also gave me a few extra products which i will also list and post pictures of....

Firstly she sent me: 

2  catrice smokey eye palettes called 'Smoking area' and 'snog over hong kong'

She also sent me

1 catrice duo eyeshadow palette called 'underneath the purple rain'

                                         1 catrice lip designer called 'nude rose'

                                  as extras (because she is lovely) she sent
                                                               elf nail polish in lilac

1 catrice eyeliner pen called carbon black

elf super glossy lip shine in juiced berry

I haven't done swatches of these products, but if anyone would like me too...just let me know, and I am very sorry about the quality of the pictures, i will try my hardest to make the pictures much more clear as soon as i find my camera (with a flash) because i am currently using my phone.

Thank you
and an extra thank you to Nina Carry :)

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