Tuesday, 20 September 2011

first 'REAL' mac cosmetics experience

      So today (as the name says) i had my first 'real' mac cosmetics experience, I went into House of fraser and saw the mac counter/area and was greeted with smiley faces :) I have purchased mac before but not actually in store, was excited to try new products and see what the big fuss is about,
                                      I SEE IT NOW!!!!.....

Mac is AMAZING!!!!!....the staff were so professional, and delightful, The lovely lady at my mac counter offered to show me how to line my lips properly and fill in my eyebrows (she seemed to be very excited too).

      The quality of the products are so brilliant (i tried a few hehe)....

So...after being made over by this wonderful mac makeup artist, i deffo wanted one of the products she used on me...So i got one...

This amazing product is.....'Eye brows' in the colour stud...when applied (properly) it creates such a natural but thick/filled in brow...I am so happy to finally have a product that works for me and is my exact eyebrow colour and for the price (£11.50) it is soooo very worth it! TRUST ME!....

                                      Swatches/Pictures Below

This is the box it came in...a little crushed but very professional looking regardless 

  This is the swatch of the actual colour itself  (looks black but is a very dark brown), I'd say this is quite true to colour.

 Eyebrow (before pencil)

Eyebrow (After Pencil)

makes a huge difference, right?

I will be going back to mac a lot more now that I've seen with my own eyes what has been said by many people...
Thank you so much for reading, hope you enjoyed
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