Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Requested Reviews and Swatches

Hi, this is the page for all requested reviews and swatches, if you would like to see more, just leave me a message and i will deffo do this for you :)

elf shimmering facial whips:

I bought these in 3 different colours, citrus, spotlight and Camilia

I use each colour for 3 completely different things,

Spotlight: I use for a highlighter, under my brows and on my cheek bones and cupids bow
Citrus: I use for a everyday eye shadow
Camilia: I use this for an eye shadow, i also use it for my lips

I love all these and will be buying more colours, they are beautiful for multiple uses and they really add a glow to the skin if used properly, elf sell these in a little tube (looks a little bit bigger on the website) but it is still enough as you should only use the tiniest little droplet, it doesn't feel greasy or oily on the skin and has a silky soft texture, It is also stated on the elf website that it has vitamins B,C and E packed into this little tube, which i think is great, so not only do you look glowing and beautiful but your skin likes it too.
This product feels very light on the skin and very refreshing, and it truly is a must have....
(if you would like to know anything else on these products please let me know)


                                          (from left to right) Camilia, Citrus, Spotlight

                                          (from left to right) Spotlight, Citrus, Camilia

I hope the swatches are ok, they are in natural light without a flash, if you would like it with a flash or in fake lighting (a bright lamp) let me know, but this is true to colour :)
Thank you


  1. citrus looks lovely :D thankyou

  2. nice blog, keep at it...



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