Tuesday, 6 September 2011


So i was thinking about something to write a blog about, and as i was looking around, i remembered that i did some washing earlier and in that wash was 12 pairs of leggings along with some other things, outside of the wash (clean clothes) i also have 8 pairs of leggings, now i think i've realised something...I have an addiction to leggings...is this possible? well...when i'm sitting around in the house i have 'house leggings'.....when i'm running to the shop i have 'everyday leggings' and when i'm going out to a club or something i have 'going out leggings or footless tights'.....this is quite shocking because leggings take up 95% of my bottoms/trousers part of my wardrobe....i'm wondering if this is just me!?

Does anybody else find that they are addicted to the comfortable flexible piece of material? or do i need to make a change in my wardrobe and stop clinging on to something that i feel great in?

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