Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Wanna Help me stop biting my nails?

So i made a video on biting my nails and that i really wanna stop doing this....I need everyones help...
I wanna see comments...either on this post, or on the video posted below...any input will make me very happy...You can also post a video response on how you stopped or If you wanna stop etc etc etc...Please help me :) It's a challenge but i'll do it :) xxx

ooooo i look scary!!! good thing halloween is coming up

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  1. have you tried nail the habit? its a little pot you dip your fingers into and it coats them with a liquid. once its dried it tastes awful. so bad in fact i had to stop wearing it because my bf would accidently taste it if he decided to be all soppy and kiss my fingers! i picked mine up in superdrug probably cost no more then £2 and the best thing is it coats the finger tip aswell so if you bite at small areas of dead skin like i did it takes care of that too. one taste and you wont want to bite your fingers anymore!


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