Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Childrens TV....bad for children OR a savior for parents???!!!

Hi guys, so this blogpost is clearly about childrens TV and what you guys think about it....

Lately my kids have bee
n watching alot of the following:
- Cbeebies
nick jr

I have been wondering, have i been using this as a way of keeping my sanity, or genuinely because they enjoy it?
At this poi
nt...I think It's definitely more for me than them.

ns TV is a good way to keep kids from being bored silly, also quite entertaining (YES i watch some of it lol).

The o
nly time i get to do anything for myself/ around the house is when they're either sleeping or watching these be quite honest i dread the adverts coming (that's when the kids mainly loose interest for a few minutes).

I do u
nderstand that it's not a good thing to have them watching TV non stop, day in day out...which is why i do take time out to do fun/playful/interesting activities with them...which is very important.

My overall opi
nion: Childrens YES, it can be bad for them in high dosages.....BUT....It's certainly a BIG savior for parents....ESPECIALLY MYSELF!!!
                                 What do you thi
nk ????

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  1. Also, most sentences should end in a full stop, honey. x

  2. I think childrens tv is ok, my nephew watches shows that support his learning, or watches alot of childrens based documentries about animals and stuff, hes constantly going on about things hes learnt on tv about animals. So some tv is good especially if it helps encourage any type of learning. I also think its good for them to have time out for play and activities. TV helps children and parents its much better then leaving them to their own and coming back to find your walls covered in felt tip (which I have known to happen) as long as you moderate what they watch and how much I think its fine. Hope the little munchkins of yours are all ok xxx

  3. lol uncle, i have changed what was needed to be changed...thank you :)x

  4. Kerri thank you for your comment :) honestly, i feel the same babies are great thank you :) xxx

  5. I know people who leave kids in front of the tv all day and they are not the best behaved, because they get no other stimulation, its all about a good balance :) its a good question to ask, interesting to know what other people might think x

  6. yeah sometimes i have to thank the TV for keeping me somewhat normal to be tv used to get my daughter to sleep & the rest of the channels just keep my kids entertained :) but i certainly wouldn't have em stuck on the tv all day long.. xxx

  7. You THANK your TV? What do your children say when you do that?

  8. lol fortunately, they don't see me thanking it...i do it in private lol shhh!!! xx

  9. Well i have to thank childrens tv these day especially Baby TV and Cbeebies as they are not only entertaining but very educational too i even though childrens tv is on my telly all day i do tend to distract my children away from watching telly every hour as its not good for them.......also its like having backround music in a way i hate silence in the house and once the tv is on for them most of the time they dont pass any remarks to it.........but i have found my 4 year old learned alot from cbeebies as well as me......the way i studied was with music on and i found it better my kids prefer been entertained while learning and cbeebies is great for that.........its better for them than in front of a computer all day

  10. I'm so glad i'm getting good responses on this subject...i was expecting more of "tv is bad for kids, no parent should allow it!"... :) thank you so much nina xxx


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