Thursday, 24 November 2011

Review: Build It & Lash It Mascara

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As the name suggests this is a Review on a new mascara that i recently got free when purchasing a magazine (company mag)

First of all I'd like to say that (company magazine is £2 and can be found in most high street shops), I do not know where the mascara can be purchased as it did not say on the packaging or on the magazine (but the mag is still available)   

The packaging

I'm not sure if this picture shows the packaging of this item off well, but let me explain what it is like.

It is an acrylic package with one side being 'clear' and the other side being 'black', the middle is a silver colour (as is shown in the picture).
In total the package is very sturdy, the black side looks a little cheap as the writing is fading quite a bit, the clear side looks VERY professional & quite expensive looking.
As you can see the packaging is quite long and quite bulky, fine for home use, not great for travelling with (especially if you have a small bag/purse for a night out)
This packaging does not put ME off this product whatsoever...

The Product & Brush

Company says: Build It (longer lash base coat) Step 1: Brush on metallic base coat for extra-volume lashes

My opinion: Well as you see & also as it says...the colour of this base coat is metallic (silver), this confused me as usually the primer/base coat is white, but hey you learn something new everyday.
The silver colour does not effect you at all as you will be applying the black coat over it.
I really like this as it makes my eyelashes look voluminous but not clumpy
It also seems to lengthen them too (but not as much as other mascaras that are made for lengthening does).

The brush is fantastic, Long, tapered at the end and it truly separates every single lash & leaves a nice non clumpy coat of  mascara...

Overall I am so happy with this particular side of the mascara because it does everything I would like a mascara to do :)

Company says: Lash it (extra-volume mascara) Step 2: add black top coat for luxuriant, longer-looking lashes

My Opinion: This is a fantastic mascara, the black is VERY BLACK...not dark grey/brown!!!
The formula is very soft, and leaves your eyelashes feeling smooth and like lashes rather than grains of rice (that other mascaras tend to do).
The mascara lasts and doesn't flake off over time although this is not a waterproof mascara (which i prefer) so be very careful :)
The brush is just like the other side of the mascara, very large, tapered, coats each lash perfectly with a nice non clumpy layer of mascara.

I am also very happy with this side of the mascara, I do not have any negative points apart from the cheap looking packaging.

As A Whole: I give this mascara a 4 out of 5,
The negative reasons for this is because of the bulky long packaging, and the fact that the black side is quite cheap looking,
The positive reasons are the formula/brush & product as a whole is FABULOUS...
I love this mascara and I would re-purchase If i knew where to get it from other than the company magazine.

disclaimer: All opinions are my own & i paid for this item with my own money, I am not getting paid to do this review!

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