Monday, 19 September 2011

Make up looks...Possible tutorials?

Hi everyone, I have been experimenting a lot lately with makeup and would like to show you what i have been creating, I will post pictures and if you like these looks let me know and i will be happy to do tutorials on them either on here or on youtube...

                      Red with black blending (white base) and black eyeliner

                               Yellow, Green and blue with black eyeliner


3 different shades of blue,with a blue liner (looks like black)

   purples/pinks/whites and silvers blended with black eyeliner and mascara
pinks/purples/silvers and white nyx pencil in milk and black eyeliner and black mascara

If anyone would like me to me to do tutorials please comment, I will be updating these daily so please check back :) Thank you
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