Saturday, 10 September 2011

Pamper Parlour Mums

So....I was watching Pushy & Proud: Pamper Parlour Mums earlier on today, and i was just wondering what everybody's view is on a 'pushy parent', a mother or father who pushes a child into making sure he/she is looking 100% best at all times, as i was watching this, i was quite shocked to see that 2 and 4 year old children were getting spray tans and facials done. I believe that it is okay to raise confidence levels by going to a beauty salon to get a few things done (it makes you feel so great) but at those ages i truly don't think it is right...I guess it is something fun for little girls to do to make them feel like a princess and whatever...BUT...should they really be thinking about such things at such a young age....but hey what do i know?

also i'm not against parents who think its okay to do this for their children, you know...each to their own and all that, and i'm certainly not having a go....what I've written is MY opinion and i would love to know each of yours.....

Please post comments on this subject below, would love to know what you all think

Thank you :) x

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